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"Thank you for sending your very great film, Aeon -- and I'm sorry again for my slow response. (Waiting for a quiet and free time can sometimes be a lengthy procedure!) But it's really a great work, truly transporting, and a vision I can wish and hope that many will see, and hopefully to feel this truth of both our small place within as well as our ultimate connectedness with the vastness of being and space -- 'our connection to the stars' as Stan would have said." -- Marilyn Brakhage

"In Aeon, Dominic Angerame draws parallels between the earthly and the heavenly, linking the San Francisco cityscape and city dwellers to outer space. Filmed during the Covid-19 lockdown, Aeon celebrates Angerame#s reunion with friends and responds to the new ways of interacting with the world on different levels. Using a meta-narrative and self-referential approach to storytelling, Angerame brings the (holy) spirit to life, filling the spaces he captures with energy, which is otherwise unattainable and invisible the naked eye, but significantly transforms our lives. Aeon is one of Angerame's major and most mature works to date, which demonstrates the potential of experimental filmmaking in superimposing images that are seemingly disparate, yet uncannily familiar." -- Kornelia Boczkowska, author of Lost Highways, Embodied Travels: The Road Movie in American Experimental Film and Video,

Music by Toney Merritt

Production format: 16mm

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