Film Diary #2: No Nothing Cinema

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Dedicated to Dean Snider.

"No Nothing Cinema" was one of the first micro cinemas located in San Francisco.

Dean Snider one of the founders of the No Nothing Cinema on Berry Street. The others included myself, Steve Schmidt, Rock Ross, Marion Wallace and Mark Stern. The No Nothing Cinema was founded because at that time the San Francisco Cinematheque had stopped, for the most part, showing local filmmakers' work.

Dean and I were best friends. He committed suicide in around 1985 after a diagnosis of Parkinson's. He was not even 40. The No Nothing was torn down around that same period to make room for the PacBell Baseball Stadium.

Sometime after Rock Ross created the "New Nothing Cinema" from the ashes. "No Nothing" charged no admission fees, etc.

In the courtyard we would roast Italian Sausages before each screening.

Bruce Conner would often come to the screenings, so he is also in the imagery, and it is him playing the superimposed piano/organ. The posters on the wall are calendars of some of the previous screenings. I also shot some footage for Dean's films and star in two of them: Polter Guys and Marriage. Dean made a film of my marriage at City Hall in 1982.

"Dedicated to friend and one of the co-founders of No Nothing, Dean Snider, Film Diary #2: No Nothing Cinema documents the beginnings of San Francisco#s radical microcinema, which became a landmark venue for showcasing the work of independent and experimental cinema. Founded in 1982 by a group of local "emergency filmmakers," including Angerame, the film captures not only a fleeting presence of the cinema's now non-existent location on 30 Berry Street, but also the revolutionary spirit and passion of those who organized and came to the shows: Bruce Conner (who is playing the piano), Toney Merritt, Michael Rudnick, Mark Stern, Marion Wallace and others. Some roast Italian sausages in the courtyard before a screening, whereas others read past film programs hanging on the walls like posters. Film Diary #2: No Nothing Cinema revives and reminisces on brief, but memorable moments that are now long gone, demonstrating that it must take a collective effort to create something out of nothing." -- Kornelia Boczkowska, author of Lost Highways, Embodied Travels: The Road Movie in American Experimental Film and Video,

Production format: 16mm

Film Diary Series
During my decades of filming on 16mm black and white, color reversal and negative I found a great deal of material that could be used in any projects. I guess one would call them "stand alone pieces." Some of them are sketches and others are complete in one way or another. I knew I just could not throw them away, ignore them, or have them sit in a can never to be viewed. I decided to release them as they are, of course edited and finally coming to the life of their own. They are visual diaries of certain times and places and events in my filmmaker life.

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