Film Diary #4: Forest Lawn Cemetery

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Dedicated to Stan Brakhage

Before being introduced to 16mm filmmaking I was filming with a cheap Regular 8mm camera my sister had given me. I lived around the corner from Forest Lawn Cemetery on Main Street. This place I would often visit to either drop LSD or just for some serenity.

"Filmed on Regular 8mm circa 1968, Film Diary #4: Forest Lawn Cemetery pays homage to Buffalo's historic rural cemetery: its living history and silent residents. Founded in the mid-19th century, Forest Lawn is known as one of the first professionally landscaped cemeteries in the United States deliberately designed as a burial ground. As Forest Lawn's landscape changes through seasons, ranging from winter to spring, Angerame delineates a poetic portrait of the place haunted by the memories of the past - including his own - and the untold stories of those who rest in peace. A meditation on loss, decay and life, Angerame's diary transforms the cemetery's graves, monuments, sculptures, mausoleums and lanes into a peaceful, romantic site for remembrance and contemplation, which serves both the dead and the living." -- Kornelia Boczkowska, author of Lost Highways, Embodied Travels: The Road Movie in American Experimental Film and Video,

Production format: 8mm

Film Diary Series
During my decades of filming on 16mm black and white, color reversal and negative I found a great deal of material that could be used in any projects. I guess one would call them "stand alone pieces." Some of them are sketches and others are complete in one way or another. I knew I just could not throw them away, ignore them, or have them sit in a can never to be viewed. I decided to release them as they are, of course edited and finally coming to the life of their own. They are visual diaries of certain times and places and events in my filmmaker life.

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