Film Diary #6: 1984 Democratic National Convention

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In 1984 the Democrat Party Convention was held in San Francisco. The contenders included Gary Hart and Jesse Jackson against the front runner Walter Mondale. I was able to receive a guest pass as someone who supported Gary Hart. Guests were roped off in an area adjacent to the delegates. Movement was restricted for guests, and I had to capture imagery from my own vantage point.

Sound includes Gary Hart, a news report of demonstrations happening a few blocks from the Mascone Center where the convention was being held.

Production format: 16mm

Film Diary Series
During my decades of filming on 16mm black and white, color reversal and negative I found a great deal of material that could be used in any projects. I guess one would call them "stand alone pieces." Some of them are sketches and others are complete in one way or another. I knew I just could not throw them away, ignore them, or have them sit in a can never to be viewed. I decided to release them as they are, of course edited and finally coming to the life of their own. They are visual diaries of certain times and places and events in my filmmaker life.

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