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Featuring Polly Bradfield (violinist), Sally Silvers (dancer), Erica Hunt (poet), and Shelley Hirsch (singer).

"This movie is a new kind of classic, it has invented once and for all the machine-gun sound of explosives and composed sentences with speeded-up speech and wild singing, laughter, hardly [at] all understandable, with violins screeching like falling bombs and a Hispanic grind dance .... There are tender closeups in interviews with women, and marvelous documents of dancers, street performers, all races & styles. These are brave and straight-talking people; this is a feminist film, and it is important. All the sound makes a talky song of many voices." - Anne Robertson, X-Dream

"Plastically a marvel, a discerning powerhouse performance." - Ken Jacobs

Selected Screenings:
Pacific Cinemathéque, Vancouver 2012; Sonic Acts XII. Douglas Kahn curator; Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Feminale; The Collective Unconscious, NYC. A reprise; also with Is This What You Were Born For? series

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