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This film was crucial to my understanding of composition, to my desire for an encyclopedic construction (the world "out" there), and reaffirmed my allegiance to rhythm, the rhythm of body-nerve-mind.

"Juxtapositions of light made this dream consumed image between the penny arcades & mirrors reflecting masturbating naked brain of magnetized nitrous screens crackling is like pulp beside dummy circumstance." - Bruce Andrews, Jimmy and Lucy's House of K

"THE RHYTHM!!!! the rhythm, like jazz, comes out of & returns to the BODY (the animal nature of film!, illustrated by the organic reticulation patterns of the self-processed segments): the 'meanings' of the shots (constantly undermined thru highly intentional overload): ... all films are 'different EVERY viewing' but this one more specifically so: colorfully constructed along lines of color: associative values emerge as if by chance, like memory, fleeting but there, reemerging altered: all films different every viewing but this one more intentionally so: takes several screenings to even know where it begins ...." - Henry Hills, Cinemanews

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