Eaux D'Artifice

Concept, direction and editing by Kenneth Anger. Camera Assistant: Thad Lovett. Music by Vivaldi. Filmed in Tivoli (Italy). Cast: Carmila Salvatorelli (Lady).

"EAUX D'ARTIFICE, featuring a circus dwarf Anger met in Italy, owes its costume design to Anger's grand-mother in whose costumes he as a boy loved dressing up. Anger calls the Lady in the film 'a Firbank heroine in pursuit of a nightmoth,' which allusion P. Adams Sitney traces to Ronald Firbank's novel Valmouth 'where Niki-Esther, at the time of her marriage, went into the garden in pursuit of a butterfly, dressed in her wedding gown and carrying her bouquet.'

"The film was shot in black and white and printed through a blue filter and the Lady's 'Fan of Exorcism' was hand-tinted by Anger. Of all his works, this is perhaps the most abstract; the rushing, flowing, trickling waters become interesting as shapes and rhythms." - Marilyn Singer, The American Federation of Arts

16mm film available for rental, please inquire for pricing.