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Some Exterior Presence

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Cut between sessions on DLT SECTION, structured on the four-handed nature of film: original footage (outtakes from television documentary I was directing in the spring of 1975 in South Bronx and Brownsville boroughs of New York City) manipulated, then optically printed, then manipulated again. 4 X 4.

"The film is largely red, black, and white. The effect is one of starkness, yet tempered by the richness of the red and its alternating suggestions of violence, church and ritual ... the interaction of darks and lights translates tone and form into felt exterior/interior presences. Exteriors are stark, snow covered, angular; interiors are dark, mysterious, rounded. These two extremes are somehow mediated by the figure in a white suit who forever undergoes the ritual of entering a dark doorway with linear slats of light. He stands or moves somewhere between these two domains: the exterior linear world and the other world which it houses, where exists the presence of softness and the possibility of touch." - L. Dackman, Cinemanews

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16mm film $50.00  

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