Invocation of My Demon Brother

The Shadowing forth of Lord Lucifer, as the Powers gather at a midnight mass.

"A film that no number of viewings will ever exhaust, a film that will always remain a source of mysterious energy as only great works of art do." - Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice "Anger's purest visual achievement ... a conjuration of pagan forces that comes off the screen in a surge of spiritual and mystical power. It has weirdly compelling imagery, with a soundtrack by Mick Jagger on a Moog Synthesizer that has the insistent hallucinatory power of voodoo." - Richard Whitehall, LA Free Press

Awards: Tenth Independent Film Award (for the year 1969) by Film Culture. This Award was presented "for his film INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER specifically, and for his entire creative work in general; for his unique fusion of magick, symbolism, myth, mystery, and vision with the most modern sensibilities, techniques, and rhythms of being; for revealing it all in a refreshed light, persistently, constantly, and with a growing complexity of means and content; at the same time, for doing it with an amazing clarity, directness and sureness."

16mm film available for rental, please inquire for pricing.