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"Focusing on the confident and sensuous movement/"dance"/embodiment of performance artist Lynn Book - and energetically bypassing the strictures of everyday language as well as the demands of narrative - BOUQUET unleashes the visceral force of often-repressed joys. Filmmaker Sharon Couzin and performance artist Lynn Book co-perform the galvanizing sound of BOUQUET. We are invited to experience two women's voices in a marvelous cascade of prelinguistic utterances, laughter of every conceivable joyful "color," evocative breathing and moans unleashed and released in order to close off the need for everyday language. It is as if some pre-Socratic mystery cult materialized by the waterfall, by the garden and in the artist's studio. Yet Couzin's film also amplifies primary energies with modern, subversive and ever-so-sly wit. Dynamic montage and joyful camera movement secure BOUQUET's place as a visionary film that invites the attention of critics and fellow artists alike." - Zack Stiglicz

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, NY; Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago; RIT; Ithaca College; NYU, Syracuse; Image Forum, Tokyo; Tokyo Museum of Modern Art; Kyoto; American Centers in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya.

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