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ODILONODILON is a portrait of an adolescent boy coming to know himself and his place within his family and society. It uses historic sound: Edward R. Murrow's Christmas Eve broadcast during World War II to the parents of the young children of London's families, urging them to send their youngest to the country to save their lives as a protection against the nightly bombing raids. The "Yanks in December" recording is ironically echoed in the baseball motif in the film. Odilon's love of baseball, eating and cooking and his growing awareness of adulthood's responsibility, ambition and judgement create a brooding tension. Playfulness and intellectual rigor struggle to remain part and parcel of his daily life against the larger backdrops of Alcatraz and World War II.

Award: SF Art Institute Film Festival

Exhibition: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Philadelphia College of Art; Rochester Institute of Technology; Ithaca College; NYU, Syracuse; Pacific Film Archive; Image Forum; Tokyo Museum of Modern Art; Kyoto; American Centers in Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya; SF Cinematheque.

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