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Pauline is a film that explores the friendship of two artists, obliquely, through the exploration of a house, a garden and a painting. The qualities of light and time are used to heighten the properties simple acts and objects may take on when mediated by these two elements. The primary subject of the film, then, is not an event, nor a story, but a sense of an artist's process and her relation to the world.

"Through the use of a hand-held camera, Couzin takes us with her on a search for Pauline, a woman who had been her closest childhood friend. We travel through a labyrinth of extraordinary images which capture Pauline's world .... It is not Pauline's likeness we are looking for - we see her image many times in the film - but rather the elusive essence of who this childhood friend has grown up to be. ... But as Couzin searches through Pauline's world for this essence, we sense that she is also searching for another elusive presence; that is, the person she might have become." - Hollie Lavenstein

Exhibition: Millennium, NY; SF Art Institute Film Festival; Museum of Modern Art, NY; Walker Art Center; Chicago Frankfurt Exchange; SF Cinematheque; Pacific Film Archive; Philadelphia College of Art; Ithaca College; RIT; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Big Muddy Film Festival; Image Forum; Tokyo Museum of Modern Art; Kyoto; American Centers in Fukuoka, Osaka.

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