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Not For Nothin'

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

This homage to early film musicals explores a world teeming with the mysteries of longing and death as Louise Brooks look-alike Rodney O'Neal Austin searches for the Beloved.

2005 Kulczyk Foundation, Poznan, Poland
2002, 2000 ZDF/3sat German Television
2000 Onion City Experimental Film Festival, Chicago, IL
Transgender Film Festival, London, England
1997 Berlin Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Montreal International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Madrid Experimental Cinema Week, Madrid, Spain
New Zealand Film Festival
San Francisco Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
CSU Media Arts Festival, Los Angeles, CA
New York Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Turin Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Turin, Italy
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago, IL
London Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, England
1996 New York Expo of Short Film, New York, NY - Finalist Narrative
MIX Experimental Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, NY, NY
Chicago Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Chicago, IL
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Kiev International Film Festival, Kiev, Russia
Brno 16, Brno, Czech Republic
Cork Intl Film Festival, Cork, Ireland - Best Black & White Cinematography

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