Ay Que Pelos

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Images, text and sound: Pia Cseri-Briones; Original music for Piano Quartet: Damon Lee.

¡AY QUE PELOS! (Bad Hair Day!) is a hand-processed experimental film about anxiety disorders and panic attack syndrome. This bilingual film (interweaving English and Spanish) incorporates personal experiences, family history, case studies and medical texts, and uses these to examine the perception and (mis)understanding of the disease. The film is visually structured to reflect and invoke the experience of panic attack.

Awards: Best Film, Madrid Experimental Cinema Week; Director's Citation, Black Maria Film and Video Festival.

Exhibition: Bandits-Mages Festival, Bourges, France; Osnabrück Media Arts Festival; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Athens Film Festival; Big Muddy Film Festival; Charlotte Film and Video Festival.

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