Italian Places

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 18 fps

Comprised of four short films on a single reel: SORRENTO, a shutter / stutter study of Italian street life (shooting through wooden shutters had the feel of a zoetrope); LA VECIA, awakening one morning to a light projection from the Grand Canal that Venetians call la vecia; BOMARZO, sacred wood monsters built by Turkish prisoners for Count Orsini in the 16th Century; EMBARKATION TO THE ISLE OF CAPRI, after Watteau and Fellini.

"An exquisite travel film." - Linda Gross, The Los Angeles Times; "Two of my favorites, SORRENTO and EMBARKATION, are very conceptually simple but highly elegant studies." - Tom Chomont, Independent Eye

Exhibition: Ann Arbor S8mm Festival; Collective for Living Cinema, NY; Inter-film, Berlin; LA Filmforum; Millennium, NY; Pasadena Filmforum; Pittsburgh Filmmakers; Quebec Int'l S8mm Festival; SF Cinematheque.

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