Rabbit's Moon

Concept, direction and editing by Kenneth Anger. Camera Assistant: Tourjansky. Filmed in Paris. Cast: Andre Soubeyran (Pierrot), Claude Revenant (Harlequin), Nadine Valence (Columbine).

Fable of the Unattainable (the Moon) combining elements of commedia dell'arte with Japanese myth.

"RABBIT'S MOON seems to me your finest film, most perfect and, oh all together finest!, of the sharpest clarity. Beautiful, yet beauty balanced by dreadful necessity, so that it is an emblem of the soul's experience: signature .... And I think my turn-of-mind here especially appropriate because I also saw this film as your autobiography, all the figures in it aspects of yourself, its magical progress a kind of 'story of your life.'" - Stan Brakhage

16mm film available for rental, please inquire for pricing.