Angry God, The

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Cast: Bill Bishop as Nicholas, Bruce Provin as God, Audrey Ferber as Selma, Valentina Heartthrob as Aphrodite, Stafford Buckly as Melvin Schlep, Doub Smith as Hermann, Emory Menefee as Professor Bizarrov, Charles Codd as Inspector Smong and lots of others.

God is coming and he's more ferocious than ever. Further, if you say anything to offend him, or even just don't believe in him, he'll bite off your head. Yes, he's gonna strike you with lightning if he hears you say even "Goddamn."

Nicholas and Hermann Schultz, two brothers, build a bomb to destroy the A.J. Finster Boiler Works, a very smelly Richmond Factory. Nicholas goes home and is abducted by THE BROTHERHOOD OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH, a group of religious fanatics to which Nicholas once belonged. They throw him into the cellar, where he meets God, the great sky demon who forces us to worship him under pain of eternal torment. And then the fun begins. After that no one can say "Goddamn" or anything without God appearing and striking them down with lightning.

Award: Prix L'Age d'Or, Brussels, Belgium, 1973

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