Cop, The

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"DeGrasse has created a totally personal style of filmmaking. His eyeball is the camera .... THE COP is the story of Policeman 89763, who wants out. He wants to stop being a cop. But they won't let him. The action is taking place in the future, or in some parallel world of existence. Frustrated in his attempt to leave the force, the Cop, dressed in a pea coat, makes his way to the rebel leader in the northern province, Waitari Ungawa. Look, who cares about his plot, or rather, anti-plot? Several things in this film gave me great pleasure. The symbolic beheading of Waitari Ungawa is a great scene. The insane executioner is released from his garage prison, and proceeds to saw off the head of the victim. An onlooking crowd admires the appalling deed. Lifting the fallen head to his crotch, the executioner masturbates into it, to the horror of the onlookers. Not only does deGrasse expose the repulsive hypocrisy of capital punishment, but the executioner's act of masturbation completes the equation of sadism, eroticism and violence, mingled in the puke of American Life." - Lenny Lipton, Berkeley Barb

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