Death of Alex Litsky, The

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Credits: Larry Snydal, Jeanne Cluff, Judy Dearden, Gaylord Hagwood, Arthur Swensen, Bill Hunter and others. Music by Glen Frendel.

A chronicle of Berkeley, the diary of the poet Alex Litsky, his life and visions.

"In his film THE DEATH OF ALEX LITSKY, Herb deGrasse turns a man inside out, the framing being the soul and consciousness of the poet and the filmed figure, a great shambling man, being the contained self-image the viewer usually encounters only in private. The death is every man's death, concurrent with his sensing his poet nature. Those who lived in Berkeley in the sixties will be jolted by deGrasse's ability to hold a time and place; those who thought Zabriskie Point touched the forces active in America today should seek out this earlier and infinitely better film. This film and two others should, by this time, have earned deGrasse the right to stand among major filmmakers, and then one remembers that he is virtually a one-man film company!" - Gene Fowler

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