Doctor Petronius, Seducer of Women

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Credits: Herbert Jean deGrasse as Doctor Petronius, Ginny Claire Stephens as his patient (Maiden Aunt Clarice), Dallas DeGroot as Purity, Dave Arie as Lance Handsome, Chuck Roeber as Simon Sod, Sara Hardtbern as Witch Ursula and an insidious cast of the weirdest mugs you ever saw.

A vile, evil, vulgar, insidious tale set in 1895.

In 1895, Nicholas Petronius, a physician, came up with what he believed to be a marvelous cure-all for every disease known to man. It was an overindulgence in sexual pleasure. Due to the nature of this cure, he was unable to divulge it to anyone, but he was bound by his oath as a physician to practice it.

DOCTOR PETRONIUS is a prototype of an old melodrama, except that the "villain" isn't the villain, the "hero" isn't the hero and the "heroine" isn't the heroine.

DOCTOR PETRONIUS is absolutely filthy. But flowers grow out of dirt. In this "erotic film" the "wrong people" make it with the "wrong people."

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