Lawyer, The

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Credits: Craig Menefee (no relation to Emory), David Bromige, Lynn Menefee, Larry Syndal (as that insidious singing priest who beats up all the sinners), Kerri Tegman (as Titania, Queen of the Amazons), Torben Larsen (as the public prosecutor) and another cast of thousands with screams and yells and breaking glass. Dialogue by David Bromige and Herb deGrasse.

"I call your attention to THE LAWYER, a brilliant study of revolution. DeGrasse is one of the few didactic experunderground filmmakers. He is able to get to the heart of matters. In THE LAWYER he has laid out thesis and counter thesis, discussing society and revolution, and from all he has practically dramatized Fanon, or turned The Wretched of the Earth into an American nightmare." - Lenny Lipton, Berkeley Barb

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