Salivation of Professor Bizarrov

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Credits: Jan Pusina as the insidious Professor Bizarrov, Herbert Jean deGrasse as that which he has called up from the abyss, Kathy Ketman as Anemia, Tony Hill as Guru Brahmacharya, Mellie Hill as Lola Lola that sexy siren of the insidious Professor's dreams, with another cast of thousands including the masses of India. (You wanted me to make a film with the masses of India. Well here they are.)

Professor Bizarrov, the insidious Psychotechnological Manipulator (fancy word for a professional mindfucker) sets out to conquer the world. He tries to bribe Guru Brahmacharya and instead is psychotechnologically manipulated into becoming the guru's disciple. He finds a lost book of forbidden manuscripts and tries to call up the devil. Instead he gets someone else. While all this is going on he continually dreams of a sexy siren named Lola Lola who lures him until he drools and throws pies in his face. That which he has called up from the abyss pursues him with the idea of saving him whether he likes it or not. The conclusion is totally ridiculous.

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