Aporia I

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"It hurt my eyes, there was too much TV in it." - Stan Brakhage

"Television is vulgar, a vulgarity thrown in the face of, against the fact of, serious art .... [Y]et vulgarity is impossible without its opposite; vulgarity implies good manners, propriety, a kind of aesthetic seriousness of measure .... The fact of television and the fact of its conquering our environment cannot be used any longer by the well-mannered Modernist as a manifestation of mere vulgarity .... [I]f the artist must continually fight to paint or give form to what he sees then Manet's fight to have the caf?s as a serious subject for painting is inherited today as the fight for the acknowledgement that television is what the artist sees." - Gary Doberman, "The Uses of Vulgarity in the Aporian Context"

"When you said you were working with televison, I knew you were on to something because television is forbidden territory." - Fred Worden

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