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"Think of a couple of things like they say: 'Limits are what any of us are inside of ...'; 'Verse consists of a constant and variant ....' Already the world is here, truly, and anyone who has ever had experience of actual confinement - jail, hospital, body, army - common to the human state can't really be patient with any assumption that we need to do it to ourselves ....

"In this film there is a simple accessible constant which you will have no difficulty in recognizing. There is an equally apparent variable. So your question - to phrase it poorly - might be, what is it that is being measured here?

"The materials of this film are personal, comfortably so. Nothing in that way distorted or untoward. But the choices of the artist are both crucial and defining, and there is evident attention to what he has called boundaries.

"This ... is a beautiful film, factually, with a lovely shifting counterpoint in the pacing. Like an old slow blues, after some up-tempo number - so, read it and think." - Robert Creeley, Was That a Real Poem and Other Essays

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