Trilog: Fisheries, The Rhyme, The Old

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"Yesterday I took another look at the three film prints I own by Gary Doberman, FISHERIES, THE RHYME and THE MOIETIES and satisfied myself that, yes, the last several years his work has been THE most persistent influence on my films ...." - Stan Brakhage, Brakhage Scrapbook

"And most uniquely, it is an art of editing, where the emotional and conceptual flip from image to image .... At one point the screen goes nearly black, except for a faint, liquid shimmer of gray, giving an underwater sensation. Then the light increases, and we realize we are viewing the undersides of the fisherman's nets as they shake them out ... the movement of the nets being likened to the ocean they will be lowered into .... This is a magic all its own, showing that any scene, with its interplay of color, light and shadow can be viewed as a unique visual universe." - Krin Van Tatenhove

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