Behindert (Hindered)

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The main intention of BEHINDERT is to express some of the subjective perspectives within the social/personal confinements of a personal relationship, as seen from the point of view of the physically disabled person. This position was taken for two principal reasons: to eliminate or reduce the "objectivity and sympathy" views normally given to the subject; and to try to deal with the personal and emotional entanglements that the (or a) disabled person encounters in the so-called "normal social/personal" areas of life. The mere mention of a film concerned with the subject of physical disability conjures up preconceived notions and images as to the type of film it is. It is put aside as a medical/social document of little importance, particularly by film people who think of films as "political," "narrative," "entertainment," "poetic," or "structural." This film is about the physically normal and disabled in confrontation, but not literal relations. It is a documentary without being one. The content lies beneath the film. The material is treated subjectively, and crosses fiction with realistic documents, without a clear distinction.

English subtitled print.

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