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DIRTY is the reincarnation of two girls, a bottle and one bed. Their bodies, hands and face expressions reach out in a refilm look.

"DIRTY was originally shot in 1965. The footage was found in a very bad state and 'restored' with all marks, breaks, dirt, etc. deliberately left in place. But this is not the only thing that makes this a 'dirty' film; we see two almost naked women in a bed, first drinking from a bottle, then playing with it and ultimately engaging in erotic play. The dirt marks, the grainy texture of the image and the breakdown of the continuity of the action give the whole film the quality of a highly charged erotic memory. It creates the effect of a dreamlike recalling of a scene with the dreamer's freedom to re-run or pause on particular gestures and freeze certain privileged moments such as the caress of a hand, the bounce of a breast, a look, etc. The film becomes an erotic daydream, a play with sensual images retained from a scene witnessed sometime in the past." - Artificial Eye

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