Silent Cry

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The film sets out to say - Here is a girl in conflict and the conflict is because of certain things that happened in her life which, separately, on reflection, might not seem to be particularly deep, traumatic, or important, but when seen in conjunction with one another, and with what is happening to her now, become significant. They build up to give the sense of why she cannot now function in relationships, and why she cannot have a relationship with a man.

"A kind of impressionistic 'diary' of a girl and her silent cry for help/understanding/love/identity. Not everything is seen from her viewpoint but everything is felt as she feels it. What Dwoskin calls an 'under-narrative' develops and interweaves through the film giving a composite of dreams, distortions, diaries, memories and feelings. Dwoskin has likened the film to a kind of contemporary Alice in Wonderland, 'a world which we can feel more and more as the filmic tapestry is woven.' It is also, one should emphasize, beautifully photographed with not only highly effective extreme close-ups but also many finely-patterned almost abstract shots." - Ken Wlaschin, catalogue, 1977 London International Film Festival

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