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Sound by Gavin Bryars. With Beatrice Cordua. Furthers (the theme of) the one-to-one, take-me woman. Subjective and very direct and directed at you, she gives herself and drives at what she wants .... "TRIXI is Dwoskin's most convulsive version of his recurrent theme: the confrontation of a solitary girl with the camera. Shot in one continuous 8-hour session. TRIXI records Beatrice Cordua's responses to the situation, from initial shyness, fear and withdrawal through teasing and posturing to naked surrender and final exhaustion .... The camera is highly mobile; often confronting the girl in extreme close-ups, sometimes swooping down from overhead, sometimes searching to 'recapture' her .... The camera itself is the object of erotic desire, [in] the sense of giving a performance shifting imperceptibly in a helpless self-exposure in response to its constant stare. Clearly, the form of the film was dictated by the response of the performer. Beatrice Cordua proves Dwoskin's most expressive subject to date, and the film is correspondingly 'open,' the camera having been willing to choose its tactics as direct responses." - Tony Rayns

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