Image, Flesh, & Voice

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Featuring dancers Carolyn Carlson and Emery Hermans.

This is a film about Images (visual and psychological). Flesh (sensuality), and Voice (as a revelation and as a textural element in the film). The pictures range back and forth from the completely spontaneous to very formal choreography. The voice track, a collage edited into thematic sequences from a mass of interviews and informal discussions, gives an inner portrait of men and women candidly revealing their relationships. It is a non-story-telling feature film, a structured interplay of sound, image and sensual tensions.

"... the mind is subtly lured to make personal associations between visual and aural elements, and the viewer becomes a third element to the interplay. For those for whom the chemistry works, IMAGE will be a psychologically fascinating film." - Rich, Variety

Award: Most Original Film, Mannheim Festival

Exhibition: Cannes Film Festival; Edinburgh Film Festival.

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