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A man wonders, measures, views relationships, people, places, things, time, himself. A sensual journey through a series of subjective reflections.

"[A] beautifully photographed color montage of shots; insect, animal, man and galaxy; a sobering antidote to the orgy of subjectivism going on elsewhere." -Vincent Canby, The New York Times

"The artist's search for the meaning of his own existence is never-ending and takes many forms. Ed Emshwiller's remarkable epic, RELATIVITY, continues this exploration with extraordinary frankness and rare technical skill. The sequence which symbolically portrays a woman at the moment of sexual climax is one of the most beautiful in the literature of film." - Willard Van Dyke

"RELATIVITY is a marvelously sensual film ... it is, I have no doubt, a masterpiece." - Richard Whitehall, LA Free Press

Awards: Special Events program selection, NY Film Festival; London Film Festival; Special Jury Award, Oberhausen Film Festival.

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