Syntagma (magnetic soundtrack)

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The gravel at the bottom of the ocean is beaten sore by your shadow.

The desire of my mouth shatters against the reefs of its opening.

"The 'body' and specifically the 'woman's body' is often used as a focus for questions of origin, subject-object relations, political resistance and sexuality. It may appear that this is also the central issue of this film, yet Valie Export's notion of 'body language' poses an ironic relation to these questions that actually acknowledges 'the end of the body' or at least the final break with the way in which we understand it to be a biological, existential, or metaphysical entity.

"Export has broken away from any notion of unity - either of body, space, or time - into a fragmented world of doubling and difference that is caught in representation. She depicts the non-coincidence of the present with itself - the schizophrenic breakdown of identity.

"Export seems critical of the opposition between a metaphysics of the body, nostalgically and ceremonially retained in our age, and the body of the 21st century which is functionally the equivalent of a machine that produces meaning." - Valerie Manenti

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