Composition in Blue

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"COMPOSITION shares the same jolly atmosphere as the commercials, but whereas each of Fischinger's previous films had utilized only one basic animation technique, COMPOSITION IN BLUE bursts forth with half a dozen different new techniques - mostly involving pixilation of three-dimensional forms ....

"The basic format of the film centers around solid objects moving about in an imaginary blue room. Fischinger delights in setting up conditions so that the audience makes associations with probable or 'real' everyday happenings, and then extending the analogy beyond the limits of possibility, bursting the bubble of the audience's credibility. In the opening scene, Fischinger is careful to show the red cubes entering the 'room' through a door, so we will identify with this as a plausible situation. Then he subtly introduces a mirror as the 'floor' to the room, again gaining our confidence in this special but logical reality. Then, at the climax of the film, a cylinder pounds on the mirror-floor and creates circular ripples as if the floor had suddenly turned to water, something that pushes us, with a rush of delight, out of the realm of reality into a joyous world of sheer, absurd fantasy." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

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