Radio Dynamics

This film is intentionally silent, it may not be screened with music.

"I believe this to be Fischinger's best film, the work in which he most perfectly joined his craftsmanship with his spiritual ideas into a meaningful and relatively faultless whole. No music distracts from the visual imagery which moves with sufficient grace and power of its own.

"The film has the structure of yoga itself: We see first a series of exercises, only exercises for the eyes or the sense of vision - fluctuating and stretching rectangular objects; then we see a statement of two icons representing meditation, one an image of flight into an infinite vortex defined by finite movement, and the other an image of two eyes' irises opening and expanding/ contracting while between them grows a third eye of inner/cosmic consciousness. After a brief introductory exposition of these three themes, each is repeated in a longer, developed version, the exercises working themselves up into complex stroboscopic flickers, and the hypnotic rhythms of the expanding/contracting eyes unite with the motion of the passing rings of the vortex, making the flight become a two-way, inward and outward, flight with the vortex as the eye of the observer as well as the eye of the universe." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

Image (c) Center for Visual Music