Spiritual Constructions

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This is a silent film, it may not be screened with music.

"The film is a 'meditation on violence' and into it Fischinger poured all his loathing of the German penchant for drunkenness and aggression which he had been able to witness firsthand since his early childhood at the family brewery-inns. But at the same time he infuses the film with a serene sense (or experience) of consciousness which manifests itself constantly in new guises - now as a slow-motion animation (perhaps, by the way, the first use of this technique) of a man being kicked out of doors; now as a pair of heads that change themselves into everything from a Neanderthal man to the Munich Paulaner-Thomasbrau logo; now as the method of appearance, disappearance and warping of the ordinary furniture of life; now as the intrusion of alligators and ostriches and other impossible exotica; etc. - that finally transmutes the classic clown-pratfalls into a metaphysical instrument of celebration." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

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