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This film is intentionally silent, it may not be screened with music.

"Thousands of feet, mostly positive, few negative, survive of STAFFS ... which, like WAX EXPERIMENTS, covers a variety of different experiments made with roughly the same technique during the Munich period.

"All of them are characterized by the basic imagery of hard-edged parallel bars moving up and down in rhythmic patterns; all were, I believe, prepared with cut-outs from paper or wood .... We see in this film as many as five superimposed layers of imagery, each containing its own separate flowing movement.

"The editing ... is marvelously complex .... This virtuoso visual montage complexity is also seen in [SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCTIONS], SPIRALS, and other films of the Munich period, and seems to be related to Fischinger's ideas of cosmic experience and consciousness." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

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