More Italian Places

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Comprised of three short films: SELINUNTE, Greek ruins in Sicily; you can hear the stones breathe; VERONA, Guisti Gardens, Castelvecchio, the Adige, Piazza delle Erbe; BAY OF NAPLES, serene blue bay with Vesuvio looming.

"The films in ITALIAN PLACES and MORE ITALIAN PLACES, a series of S-8 films made over the course of a decade, display the same obvious love of place which permeates Adlestein's earlier films made in his rural Pennsylvania surroundings. Ostensibly a grouping of films constructed in a travel/home movie format, the individual films ... go well beyond the confines of that idiom as they explore, both playfully and philosophically, qualities of light, cultural differences and the very nature of travel and tourism itself. ... Along with Richard Lerman's ongoing S-8 sound Transducer Series, Adlestein's ITALIAN PLACES is one of the more satisfying 'series' of Super-8 films currently being made." - Albert Kilchesty

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