Study No. 6

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"This little gem, next to STUDY NO. 8 the best of the black and white studies, combines a jolly popular air with a clear statement of the profound mystical imagery exploited in Fischinger's later works, especially RADIO DYNAMICS."

"The music is a fandango, 'Los Verderones' by Jacinto Guerrero, and the figures truly dance to the catchy rhythms, but beyond the barest requirements of choreography, there are two consistent patterns of interwoven imagery - one of flying objects in the warping currents of space (either inner or outer), and the second of the eye as a center of focus - half target, half mandala giving off waves of vibrations. These two images (represented by broad, fluid forms sweeping across the frame in fluctuating clusters) are linked by a pattern of dots that split like atoms again and again, sometimes seeming like a dynamic interchange between matter and space, and sometimes like darting points of focus or fragmentation of vision by the cosmic eye." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture

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