Wax Experiments

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Project at 16 or 18 fps if possible.
This film is intentionally silent, it may not be screened with music.

"[WAX EXPERIMENTS] was ... carefully chosen to represent the variety of ways Fischinger used the sliced wax. First is a sequence of pure wax imagery ... then follows a longer sequence composed of two fragments showing wax imagery combined with overlays of animated circle patterns, and a few moments of pure circle animation (presumably drawn on paper) which were edited in; this sequence makes use of positive and negative images as well as forward and backward printing of the same image. Finally a brief sequence shows some thin line animation similar to that in STUDY 1 and 2 superimposed over a wax background.

"The wax-sliced imagery has a rare beauty and complexity and softness matched only by the later films of Jordan Belson (who, by the way, had never seen any of Fischinger's wax films). It is a shame that Fischinger never returned to this technique during his mature period, although a number of late paintings (Space Spiral, Vortex, Space Abstraction, etc.) show that he kept the feelings and textures of these extraordinary films in mind." - Dr. William Moritz, Film Culture, Nos. 58-60 (1974)

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