Apple Summer

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Downeast Maine camping with friends evolved into a spurt-framed portrait of artist/teacher Donn Moulton. Framed within Moulton at work and play, underscored by talk of art, film, purpose... is cut in counterpoint with edit-in-camera expressionistic sequences from camplife. The rough-edged cross-cut free-wheeling form reflects ways my early and highly intuitive notions of art-making differed radically from Moulton's even while learning to exploit my blunders and think with my hands.

Production format: 16mm

Filmmaker: Holly Fisher
Tech: Filmed with Bolex
Production: Fisher/Slezas Films Inc.
Music: Fiddle music by Dick Fisher, sung by Cindy Fisher and assorted friends and family
With: Donn Moulton, Fritz Buehner, Amy Buehner, Peter Buehner, Christian Buehner, Katy Buehner, Jay Jennings, Karen Rosenthal, Shelburne Thurber, Gary Fujiwara, Sarah Fujiwara
Sound: Holly Fisher
Title: David Tatlock
Onion Bread: Lois Johnson
Pies: Kate Buehner, Jay Jennings

Selected Screenings:
The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, Haverhill, MA, 1974
Walker Art Center, Minnepolis, MN, 1974
Arsenal, Berlin, Germany, 1982
Cineprobe, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, 1984
Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany, 1992

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