Department of the Interior

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I had been thinking about the nature of "echo," as both an acoustical and visual phenomenon. I had hoped to defamiliarize material which seemed to adhere to the demand for wholeness. My aim was not to "represent" or "express" a particular state of mind or emotion, but to endeavor to generate a set of possibilities for new connections between sensory experience and the experience of meaning.

"... a richly mysterious film ... black and white rooftops, barren trees, an apartment complex and a parking lot twist and turn into positive and negative imagery, and a negative sun blackened the sky .... The melodious voices were stopped in their tracks and reversed so that audio decay became the attack and attack became decay. The film had the look of an animated Moholy-Nagy photogram in its silvery abstraction. The dramatic shifting of tones and sounds was disorienting and started me thinking of new approaches, not only for film but for perception in general." - Mark Durant, Artweek

"Evokes a profound sense of loss and sadness. It is on the brink between eloquent discourse of an interior crisis and ranting madness." - John Columbus, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, 1986

Awards: Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, 1986; First Prize, Onion City Film Festival; Experimental Film Coalition, Chicago, 1987.

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