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Some Phases of an Empire

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

Using footage rephotographed from the Hollywood spectacle Quo Vadis, this film is a densely layered montage on the themes of power, sexuality and aggression. Rather than a "deconstruction" of the film from which it is derived, its overall effect might better be described as "decomposition" or "derangement" of the original elements. Culled from a variety of recordings of spoken texts (including "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm") and music (the Hary Janos Suite by Kodaly), the soundtrack is edited in a manner that underscores the rhythm of the images, and alludes to the presence of unconscious associations with the story of the original film.

The Emperor meets his demise through the agency (the voice) of a wicked Queen, whose lust for power is equalled only by her capacity for destruction.

Award: First Prize, SF Art Institute Film Festival, 1987

Exhibition: Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY; SF Cinematheque; Catskill Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY.

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