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But No One

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As in GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM, I began with a dream, but this time the words appear alone, on black, scratched in a more variegated style. They create images and rhythms independent of the filmed images, so that you "read to the beat." The filmed images of construction workers, prostitutes, firefighters and fish for sale are quite familiar, while the text describes a nightmare whose characters are all implicated in a terrible conflict. I couldn't decide who to "blame" for the dream, so the fat boy, the women, the babies and myself all became suspected and inspected through the making of the film.

"... it threatens like an unlit alley." - Barbara Kossey, LA Artweek

"Vernacular but tough-minded images are laced together with a sharply etched, poetic text which conveys high-powered metaphors and the pensive, paradoxical and gentler side of her thoughts and feelings." - Lindley Hanlon, Millennium Film Journal

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