Damned if You Don't

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"... a real prize. Beautifully shot in black and white, it blends 'conventional' narrative technique with impressionistic camerawork, symbols, and voiceovers to create an intimate study of sexual expression and repression. [It begins with footage from] a stylist old potboiler about an isolated convent, whose tale of passions leashed and unleashed provides the leitmotif for a young lesbian who watches it and the lonely nun she pursues and seduces. As the two women's lives come closer to joining, voiceovers from the biography of a 16th century lesbian nun and the reminiscences of a woman's closeted romances at a Catholic school flesh out the theme. ... When the two women finally meet and make love, the woman's careful unwrapping of the nun's complicated prison of clothing is both foreplay and liberating metaphor. The film is as hypnotic as a dream." - Andrew Rasanen, Bay Windows

"... passionate and genuinely innovative ... a lyrical evocation of the mystery of memory and the development of sexual identity." - Amy Taubin, The Village Voice

"... as good humored as it is daring." - Scott Macdonald, Film Quarterly

Awards: Best Experimental Film, Athens Film Festival, 1989; Best Experimental Narrative Film, Atlanta Film and Video Festival, 1988.

Exhibition: Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, 1989; film festivals in NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, SF, Toronto, Winnipeg, London, Creteil, Denmark.

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