First Comes Love

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FIRST COMES LOVE is somewhat like an extended musical number, with perfectly choreographed scenes of four traditional wedding ceremonies accompanied by a schizophrenic, but amusing, medley of popular love songs. The celebratory atmosphere is interrupted midway through to remind us that there are still a few countries in the world that refuse to legitimate homosexual unions. The song and dance then proceeds until the happy couples depart, leaving behind a dwindling crowd and a few altar boys, who carefully sweep up the rice that covers the pavement like snow.

The film doesn't attempt to defend or discredit the institution of marriage. Instead, it reveals many subtle emotions surrounding the event and raises questions about how the double standard regarding marriage affects both gay and straight couples.

Exhibition: Festival of Festivals, Toronto, 1991; MIX NYC: NY Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival, 1991.

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