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Gently Down the Stream

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

Constructed from fourteen dreams taken from my journals. The text is scratched directly onto the film, so that you hear your own voice as you read. The "framed" images accompanying the words are of women, water, animals and saints, which were chosen for their indirect but potent correspondence to the text.

"... her films (particularly the celebrated GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM) signalled an important change that was occurring within the evolution of experimental cinema ... [I]t demonstrates her considerable technical talents and formal creativity." - Bruce Jenkins, Millennium Film Journal "The film portrays a dreamscape where society's conflicts step on stage in muted, mysterious forms." - Kathleen Hulser, In These Times

"What's so striking is her use of film to create a language which corresponds materially to the semi-conscious state between dreaming and waking." - Jo Comino, City Limits, London Exhibition: Osnabr?ck Media Arts Festival, 1983; Women's Film Festival, NY, 1983; Women's Film Festival, Montreal, 1985; Haifa Int'l Film Festival, Israel, 1985; Experimental Film Festival, Argentina, 1983.

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