Rules of the Road

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RULES OF THE ROAD takes a searching look at how our dreams of freedom, pleasure, security and love are often symbolized by one of our favorite objects: the automobile.

"... the light, almost whimsical tone of the film should not blind us to the part of it that is irreducibly personal. Station wagons are everywhere; everybody's got a sad love story. But only one filmmaker, to my knowledge, has Su Friedrich's eye .... With RULES OF THE ROAD, she creates a film like a perfect short story." - Stuart Klawans, The Nation

"Filmed with her trademark energy and intensity ... it boasts an uncommon amount of visual and narrative imagination." - David Sterrit

"Friedrich makes elegant road kill of her emotional fixation ... it's a funeral parade for a love that gets comically, and ironically, stuck in traffic." - Susan Gerhard, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Exhibition: Premiere, New Directors/New Films, Museum of Modern Art, NY; Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Toronto, Vancouver, NY, Philadelphia and SF film festivals.

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