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Scar Tissue

Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

I combined simple, repetitive images with varying amounts of clear and black leader in order to notate as precisely as possible the essential rhythms and emotions of midtown Manhattan, while simultaneously undermining them. SCAR TISSUE concerns the chaste being chased and the captor being captive.

"... powerful and economic. Setting out to film street activity, Friedrich ends up with basically two images - women's legs skittering in high heels, and men's midsections, hands folded self-righteously across stuffed shirts or planted belligerently in pockets. Juxtaposed, the two appear as if from totally different species; the film left me with a yen to see one of those heels planted splat in the middle of one of those bellies." - Amy Taubin, The Village Voice

Exhibition: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1987; Rotterdam Film Festival, 1988.

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