Sink or Swim

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Through a series of twenty-six short stories, a teenage girl describes the childhood events that shaped her ideas about fatherhood, family relations, work and play. As the stories unfold, a dual portrait emerges: that of a father who cared more for his career than for his family, and of a daughter who was deeply affected by his behavior. Working in counterpoint to the forceful text are sensual black and white images that depict both the extraordinary and ordinary events of daily life. Together, they create a formally complex and emotionally intense film.

"SINK OR SWIM is the kind of non-commercial but accessible film that throws a new and startling light on familiar subject matter." - Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

"[A] personal chronicle about language, memory and Dad that strikes hard, and deep." - Manohla Dargis, The Village Voice

"Much of the richness of this autobiographical film, whose honest engagement with essential human dilemmas proves immensely moving, stems from its refusal to make simple choices or settle into unambiguous positions." - Fred Camper, Chicago Reader

Awards: Grand Prix, Melbourne Film Festival; Golden Gate Award, SF Int'l Film Festival; Best Experimental Film, USA Short Film and Video Festival.

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