Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"Omniscient perspectives shoot vibratory gleams through human projectors statically displaced across the screen. Superimpositions at fever pitch falling apart and compressing into new molecular lattices. Peripheral fantasies imagine forth collusioned destinies. A yin/yang interchange makes light's transparency into density, while the darkness metamorphoses into thin lucidity. Hands in peristaltic motion grasp and release, conjuring interstitial embroideries. Landscapes yield their own maps in topographical patterns.

"In ALEPH, Fulton has committed to a single projector modality and achieved a focus which permits exegesis of unlimited interpretation. ... The perceiver's REM synchronizes with frame flow in a conflict-integrating rhythm. New spiraling links are forged from points plotted, then abandoned, then reconnected across the hierarchies.

"The temporal corollary of this gap-bridging strategy makes the film a summation of the history of cinema, a theater for the screening of all potential films, both made and unmade." - Christine Tamblyn

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